CRT Recycling, Inc. has been in the business of recycling e-waste (used computers and electronics), cathode-ray- tubes (CRT’s)  and white goods since 1999.  We are a State approved, third party vendor that properly disposes of used electronic and computer items along with cathode-ray-tubes that can no longer be accepted by landfills as of April 1, 2000.  Our main purpose, by either reusing or reselling these used electronic and computer items, is to reduce the amount of solid e-waste that actually reaches the landfill.

CRT Recycling, Inc. currently does regular pick-ups of e-waste (used electronics and computers) for businesses, schools, non-profit organizations and municipalaties all across New England. We also pick up items bearing freon and remove capacitors from items in which they are found before disposal. Drop offs of items to be recycled are accepted at our facility. Our hours of operartion are Monday - Saturday 8am - 3pm. Secure Hard Drive Shredding available on site! Fundraising opportunities are available via electronic waste collection events, check out the rest of our site for details!